A Discussion of Science and God


 A Discussion of Science and God offers a wide selection of topics, ideas,

presentations and materials that will enlighten the groups participants.


In each meeting a 20 or 30 minute presentation is made on a related topic

and the rest of the time is open to orderly and respectful discussion. 

           Seeking the Truth

           The Villages, FL

A Note from Jerry McAdams 

As we have been discussing the relationship between science and God, it has become very clear that atheistic scientist have made a concerted effort to co-op science. In an attempt to show that science has removed the need for God, they claim that because all things can be explained by "natural" causes, the "supernatural" does not have to be involved in the explanation of reality.


This fact is spreading through the astrophysics and biology communities that the "natural" explanations severely lack explanatory power. More and more scientists are realizing this TRUTH.

The failure of these atheistic scientists to hold the deceptive line they have drawn, shows that TRUTH cannot be held back forever.

"You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free"

John 8: 32

YOUTube William Lane Craig 1/14/20

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