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We are a discussion and educational group concentrating on the relationship between verified science, God and the Bible. Subjects include the origin of the universe, the origin of life, creation science, irreducible complexity, intelligent design.

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                                                                                                Jerry T McAdams


Jerry McAdams moved to The Villages, October 2014 from Louisville, KY with his wife Sharron. He has been studying the origin of the universe for over 20 years (see resource pages). He has been invited to speak to many groups both secular and faith based in Louisville and in The Villages. He is open to presenting to any group who is  also “Seeking the Truth”. 


He was encouraged to begin the club “A Discussion of Science & God” because of the interest that was generated after his presentation. The goal of the club is to  encourage knowledge of creation by  God the creator. 


 Jerry has been invited  to speak at churches, Bible studies and various clubs in and around The Villages. 


Jerry was a professor of mechanical engineering at University of Louisville, Speed Engineering School and also has a Masters in Theology.  He is a business owner  for over 30 years and runs his business from The Villages.


If you would be interested in Jerry speaking to your group or club please contact us. If you would like to offer a presentation please also contact us. We can be reached from our contact us page.










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